How to Eliminate Your Debts Once and for all

Everybody has happened to us once that we have gone badly of money and the debts have begun to tighten and to seriously destabilize our economy. Unfortunately, today this is a very common situation in our environment, because the financial crisis that is ravaging the whole world is weakening even the strongest economies. an elucidation on

That is why we need to design a strategy that allows us to pay all our debts once and for all and thus feel free.

It is true that not always being in debt is bad, that is, on many occasions we have seen almost forced to borrow money because of life circumstances we could not have that liquidity immediately and we needed to use our credit card or a loan fast, but it may be that we have gone hand in recent times where the supply of credit was so broad and that is why we must find a solution as soon as possible.

How do I eliminate my debts?

How do I eliminate my debts?

We give you a series of tips that you must perform to finish owing money, or at least to reduce the total amount considerably:

  • It is very important that you calculate the total amount of money you owe. Some people do not even know the money they owe on what cards, or they just do not even want to know it. The first step is that, to know well the amount that we owe to face it correctly.
  • You should not go into debt more than you are. Glue a snip to the credit cards you have and that way you will eliminate any temptation to use it.
  • Think of the reunification of credits as a solution to your problem, if possible in a bank that may give you a lower interest rate than what you are paying. This is going to be a difficult step, because currently the banks have closed the credit tap, but with the reunification of loans everything can be made much easier.
  • Design a plan for your expenses and stick to it. You should know how much money you spend per month on rent, water, electricity, gas, food, beauty products, etc.
  • Any extra money into your pocket Use it to repay debt, either extra pay, inheritance of a family member, the return of finance… Best use it to take your receipts in an expensive weekend someplace you can go when be free
  • You should think about what debt you are most interested in amortizing before. They are usually the ones where you owe more money. In future articles we will explain what form can be more useful for it.
  • If you make a mess, hire professional help. It is an excellent idea to spend a small amount of money looking for help from someone who is dedicated to all this. That person can design a payment plan for you, even in the most extreme cases can negotiate for you with the lenders and try to get some more advantageous plan to return the credits.



In some cases, we will not be able to follow these tips because simply the fees of all the receipts exceed the amount that we earn each month. These cases are very dangerous, because usually there comes a time when the situation is unsustainable and everything ends up falling apart.

What to do when there is an over-indebtedness?

In these difficult cases, we have to study our possibilities conscientiously, because we can say little here since each case is a world. Among the best options that are usually given we can mention:

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