The “Achilles heel” for any family budget , often, not to say always, are the so-called “unexpected”. Generally, when you decide to deal with a purchase, either for the home or for personal needs, the relative expense is budgeted before the purchase itself. Especially then, if it is a disbursement in terms of considerable money, we try to act on the monthly budget so as to manage all the current expenses, arriving at the end of the month “covered”.

The speech changes drastically if, willy-nilly, we find ourselves with the urgency of having to face a sudden “exit”, not taken into account and therefore not planned. What to do then if the refrigerator or the washing machine, for example, stop doing their duty? Don’t panic, the solution is there and without irreparably affecting the family budget: asking for and obtaining a subsidized loan .

To obtain immediate liquidity in order to meet the various unforeseen and unforeseen circumstances,

The solution may be to request a financial loan

The solution may be to request a financial loan

Obviously the aforementioned loan will be disbursed on a personal basis. In this case, “personal loan” means a sum of money granted by way of financing, by a bank or other credit institution, in which the beneficiary, in the figure of the applicant, undertakes by subscription to the repayment in installments of the sum granted , with the addition of a “surplus”: interest .

Calculated on the sum received, the interest is agreed in advance or given by the ” interest rate ” which is generally a fixed percentage.

It is always advisable and strongly advised, before signing a loan request, to make a targeted choice, through a comparison on equal terms, between the various offers on the financial market in favor of the more convenient.

The parameters to keep in mind in order to understand which financial offers the best convenience, are three: Duration financing , Tan , Taeg .

  • The duration of the loan : this is the most important as it directly impacts the number of installments and their total value. In general, it is up to those who request the loan to decide on the total number of installments , subject to the preset installment hypothesis (micro loans).
  • Tan : it is the nominal Annual Rate, that is the interest on an annual basis which is calculated on the sum received on loan. This interest is paid to the lender at the end of the year.
  • Taeg : is the Annual Global Effective Rate and establishes the actual cost of the loan. In addition to the interest on the sum paid, it is also given by the accessory costs that are part of this loan.

Apply for a loan, it is not only comfortable

Apply for a loan

Even favorable because it allows us to xperience of primary goods or substitutes, even in times of scarce economic resources. The advantages of all this are obvious: just think of the Ecobonus , just as an example. In fact, by purchasing important appliances or furniture for the home, the state recognizes a tax deduction of 50% .